Welcome to 6th Grade Science with Mrs. Conboy

Daily Routines 

  • If there is a bellringer, come in and get right to work on it.
  • After the bellringer, get out any work to hand in.
  • If you need to leave the room you need to sign out. Only one person may sign out at a time.  If there is a ticket out the door, it must be handed in before you leave the room
  • Try your best to participate in class discussions and answer questions.


 Grades will be given for the following:


Tests will be given at the end of each unit.


Quizzes will be announced. You will be able to correct quizzes for credit back to help you learn the material before the test. 

Classwork, Labs and Projects, Bell Ringers

Bell Ringers and tickets out the door will be checked for effort and   correctness

Assignments need to be handed in at the start of class on the assigned due date.


I will check notebooks at least once for each unit. You will receive two grades for each check.

  • I will do a quick check for missing or unfinished work. You will earn points based on completeness.
  • You will choose 4 pages for me to grade. You get to show me your best work!!!


Homework will be given on most Tuesdays and Thursdays. Homework will be graded and must be handed in on time to receive full credit. It is important to practice skills we are working on in class and to get into a routine of completing homework. You are always able to use notes, textbook, and other class materials to complete homework assignments.

Classroom Expectations: Be Respectful, Responsible, and Ready to Learn

Respectful: treat students, teachers, and materials appropriately

Responsible: you are in charge of completing assignments, being on time, being accountable for your own actions 

Ready to Learn:  Every day you should bring your planner, book, notebook,  binder, pencil, and any other materials you need for class.

            * No electronic devices (phones, music players, …)

            * You may bring water to class unless we are in the science room.

           *****Do what is right and Do it to the best of your ability*****