Welcome, Bienvenue to the Foreign Language Home Page

My name is Joseph P. Koehring. I am the foreign language teacher at Long Lake Central School. Presently, I teach 7th grade French, 8th grade French, and French I, II, III, and IV. The French IV class is a college bridge course with North Country Community College. I have also instructed Spanish. As of last year, I now use the Middlebury Online Interactive Language Program for any student interested in learning another language other than French, such as Spanish.

I grew up living abroad in Africa and Europe. I was born in the Ivory Coast and, years later, after completing college, I was a Peace Corps volunteer in Tunisia. My exposure and academic experience has been with French.  Regardless of my view of the world through a francophone lens, I am of the strong opinion that learning a foreign language, whichever foreign language that may be, is essential for the formation of young people into global citizens. It just happens that French is the predominant language to learn in our region, especially with our close proximity to the Province of Quebec to the north and the history and traditions of French overall to early America. French, as well as English, are the only two languages that are spoken on every continent of the world. Today, over one-third of all English words are derived from French.