Welcome to Guided Study Hall

The focus of this class is to help you build academic behaviors designed for success.   GSH is a structured environment that includes mini lessons that teach students about time management, organization, planning, and study skills as well as structured work time. During this class students will have individual meetings with me regarding grades and missing work as needed.

Some Topics for Mini Lessons

  • Learning Styles/Multiple Intelligences
  • Setting Goals
  • Establishing Priorities
  • Time Management
  •  Advocating for Yourself/Asking for Help (when needed)
  •  Note Taking
  •  Producing Quality Work
  • Study Skills
  • Materials/Locker Organization
  • Efficient Strategies for Completing Homework

What You Need to Know

Classroom Procedure:

  1. Guided Study hall is a class that gives you the opportunity to gain assistance on your daily assignments from all your academic classes.
  2. YOU are responsible for bringing work to class each day
  3. YOU are responsible for asking for assistance on assignments
  4. Communication with your parents/guardians will be made based on individual need or previous agreement.
  5. You may use Guided Study Hall to take tests/quizzes or receive assistance in your academic classes, but you must bring a pass from that teacher each day you miss Guided Study Hall.
  6. You may use Guided Study Hall to complete projects in elective classes one period per week if all of your academic coursework is complete. You must bring a pass from that teacher the day you miss Guided Study Hall.

 Hall Passes:

  1. All students must use the “Who’s out?” white board located by the classroom door and fillout the sign in/out sheet so I know where everyone is during GSH.
  2. Hall passes to go to the nurse / bathroom is at the teacher’s discretion and for emergencies only.
  3. If you have a medical reason for frequent passes, make arrangements with me.


  1. Classroom computers/Chromebooks are to be used only for school assignments and school related research.
  2. Ask permission of the classroom teacher before using a computer.

 Guided Study Log:

  1. You are responsible each day to record what you accomplished during the Guided Study period.
  2. You will keep this log in the classroom at all times.


  1. You are responsible to rate yourself with 0-5 points each day based on the work you accomplished.
  2. You will also be given between 0-5 points daily by the Guided Study Hall teacher.
  3. You will be exempt from the points on days you have a pass from other academic/elective teachers.

Classroom Rules:

  1. Students will be seated with all necessary materials when class begins.
  2. Students will treat each other with respect and other’s property with respect.
  3. Students will do nothing to harm or disrupt anyone in the classroom.
  4. Students will use appropriate language at all times.
  5. Students will not bring food/drinks into the classroom without permission. C Students may bring water with them 

Rewards for Proper Behavior:

  1. Positive progress reports will be sent home.
  2. Occasional free time at the end of the period, if all work is completed.
  3. Friday enrichment activities if work is completed.
  4. A better learning environment for everyone!!!


  1. A verbal warning.
  2. Change of student’s seat or removal from group.
  3. Referral to the office and parent contact. 

*All individualized behavior plans will be followed.