Welcome to the Pre-K Home Page

As the Pre-Kindergarten Instructor, I am excited to see the growth that this year will bring to our littlest students at Long Lake Central School.  Our classroom provides opportunities for learning through fun and dynamic ways.  We will explore many different themes and begin the journey to promote school success from the very beginning.  I look forward to sharing the highlights of this wonderful group with you here!  -Mrs. Farr

Our Pre-Kindergarten Page

Updates and Highlights

Letters and Numbers:

As we near the end of the school year our wooden alphabet is only lacking a few letters.  Soon everyone will have their own complete artistic alphabet to display at home.  This has been such an enjoyable way to enhance our letter study this year. 



Spring is a great time to learn about farm animals and animal babies.  We have been exploring this theme through both fiction and nonfiction books.  While the students love learning real facts about chickens, they will undoubtedly love our future book study of The Little Red Hen where they will bake some bread too!