Kindergarten Library/Information Science Instruction

In Kindergarten we study book care, how to find books in the library, where to return our books, author studies, what is fiction and non fiction, what are authors and illustrators, parts of a book and do many thematic projects tying in themes from the classroom in science, seasons, holidays, poetry and PARP.  


First and Second Grade Library/information Science Information

First and Second grade are combined classes for the first time this year.  In these years, we further exploration of the world of information with an author study of Steve Jenkins, introduction to reference books and their use (atlases, dictionary), parts of a nonfiction book, literary elements of fiction, introduction to the Caldecott Award (best children's illustrated book), introduction to using the online card catalog as well as a unit on Fairy tales and Folklore.  Throughout the year, we also study classroom curricular tie-ins in Social Studies and Science, National Poetry Month in April, PARP themes in March and holiday and seasonal studies.  We are becoming good users of information and are beginning to  practice critical thinking skills.

Third and Fourth Grade Library/Information Science Instruction

Third and Fourth Grade instruction delves further into the world of information, in all its formats.  We have our first research paper, learning note-taking, citing sources and using your own words.  We do a biography project, learn genres of fiction, story elements, and do an author study of Chris Van Allsburg.  We are also exploring new presentation technology, using Blabberize.  Deeper connections are being made, in terms of inference, comparing and contrasting and utilizing real world experience to connect with learning.  We also do projects during PARP month in March and Poetry month in April.  

Fifth and Sixth Grade Library/information Science Information

Fifth and sixth grade library skills class readies students for the challenges of middle school.  We study literary books, create reader's theater, write a story based upon The Mysteries of Harris Burdick by Chris Van Allsburg--using The Writing Process, we create power point and google slides presentations, practice note-taking and research writing using databases.  We also create a Pixton Comic Strip based on a curricular topic and will be exploring maker spaces this year.  

Fifth and Sixth Grade Library/information Science Resources