Middle / High School Clubs and Organizations

Getting involved in school clubs and organizations is an important part of your secondary education.   Joining a club helps students with time management, leadership skills, learning something outside of the classroom and just plain having fun.  Aside from sports, Long Lake students have a number of options for students to choose from.

Student Council

Meeting Dates:  No set dates; meeting dates are announced as early as possible

Meeting Room:  307

Advisor:  Mr. Reynolds

Who can join?  Students from each class are nominated by their classmates and then selected after holding a class vote

Electrathon Car Club

Meeting Dates: On an "as needed" basis

Meeting Room: 100

Advisor:  Mr. Finch

Who Can Join?  Students attending any of Mr. Finch's elective courses are members of the Electrathon Car Club.

This year's officers are:  President: Calvin Seaman / Vice President: Lillian Dechene / Secretary: Kylie Martin / Treasurer: Karmen Howe

National Honor Society

Meeting Dates:  Last Monday of each month at 2:45pm

Meeting Room:  221

Advisor: Mrs. Pine 

Qualifications for Selection:  Students in grades 10-12 are invited to apply for membership in NHS based on outstanding scholarship, character, leadership and service

Science Olympiad

Meeting Dates:

Meeting Room:

Advisors:  Mr. Finch, Mrs. Curtin, Mrs. Phillips-LeBlanc, Mrs.  Pine and Mrs. Harkness

Who Can Join?   Students in Grades 6-9