DASA Reporting Procedures

As required by law, our district has a detailed policy regarding harassment, intimidation and bullying which includes how such behavior will be investigated.  If a student experiences harassment, intimidation or bullying, the incident can be reported to the Dignity Act Coordinator contact:

Mrs. Michelle Billings  •   (518) 624-2221 ext. 308  •  mbillings@longlakecsd.org • Room 308/Nurse's Office

What Conduct is Prohibited?

  • Discrimination:  Either giving or denying privileges on the basis of race, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age disability or other legally protected categories
  • Harassment:  Subjecting someone to either actions or communications that are severe, pervasive or persistent enough to create an intimidating, hostile or offensive environment, or that interferes with someone's work or educational performance or well-being, or otherwise affects employment or educational opportunities
    • Examples are:  derogatory remarks, jokes, demeaning comments or behavior, slurs, mimicking, name calling, graffiti, innuendo, gestures, physical contact, stalking, threatening, bullying, extorting, or the display or circulation of written materials or pictures.