Student library book request

The Elementary Library

The elementary library serves our Pre-K to grade 6 student and staff needs.  Students are encouraged to take out both fiction and non-fiction titles. The areas of the library include

  • a holiday book shelf
  • a large selection of picture books for our younger students (E Fiction shelves)
  • a kindergarten book shelf (especially geared toward beginning reading decoding skills)
  • an early reader shelf (for our emergent readers)
  • two early chapter book shelves (for a large selection of beginning chapter books for 2/3 graders)
  • a good selection of grade 4-6 fiction filled with current and classic selections
  • a large, up-to-date nonfiction section
  • a varied magazine section

Elementary Circulation Policy

K through 2nd graders may check out one book each week during library class.  Grades 3 through 6 may take out 2 books and a magazine each week.  Students are free to return their books when they are done and can then check out another.  They do not have to wait until the next library class.  Students are encouraged to enjoy and look forward to checking out their books!  If a student has an outstanding book, I will let the teacher and parents know so it can get returned promptly.

Elementary Grading Policy

Elementary students receive a letter grade for Library class.  Attitude, readiness for instruction, behaviors/participation and prompt return of materials is considered when their grade is given.  Students are encouraged to respect the library and the materials.

High School Library

The high school library is a resource for our high school students.  It contains

  • a robust collection of fiction and non-fiction titles,
  • over 20 print magazine and newspaper selections
  • a current and relevant professional collection
  • a video collection
  • a sizable Adirondack collection
  • a newly updated/expanded graphic novel collection
  • access to numerous educationally relevant databases and online resources

Students are free to come in as needed to check out books and to meet/discuss library needs with the librarian.  The librarian collaborates extensively with the secondary teachers in providing resources for research papers, literary/genre studies and overall information literacy and proper research skills and citation.