Capital Project

Long Lake CSD Capital Project 2021

Our capital project is nearing completion. There are many updates to share. Please take a look at our progress photos to see the improvements to our building and grounds. As we begin the 2021 school year, we are still working toward completion due to the delays in materials as a result of the ongoing manufacturing crisis as a result of COVID-19. There continues to be construction that takes place during second shift hours. Our athletic courts are not currently open to the public. They will be open to the public once they have received final approval from our architects. We look forward to sharing this exceptional resources with our community in the near future.

If you have any questions about the project, please reach out to Ms. Noelle Short, LLCSD Superintendent/Principal. 




  • 9/7/21: Project reaches substantial completion, with the exception of installations and work that is delayed due to delay in supplies, a direct result of the manufacturing crisis due to COVID-19. Second shift work continues. 
  • 6/28/20: Project fully underway with all aspects of the project being worked on. Substantial completion set for 9/2/21. 
  • 6/14/20: Exterior work begins on reconstruction of tennis courts and foundation work
  • February and April Breaks of 2021: Asbestos abatement completed 
  • Moving Forward: 
    • Long Lake CSD is moving forward on-budget for the capital project with respective levels of contingencies and contract allowances
    • Initial activities will be focused around early asbestos abatement, which will help other aspects of the project move forward easier when school lets out in June.
  • 12/10/20: BOE approved awards to the apparent low bidders
  • 12/1/20: Bids were received
  • As of 3/2/20: The mechanical, electrical, and plumbing drawings have been approved by SED; the architectural plans are still under review.
  • 11/20/19: The project was submitted for SED approval

Project Progress Photos

Project Progress Photos