Message from Ms. Short, Superintendent/Principal

Remote Learning Home Base

Dear Families, 

This spot on the Remote Learning Home Base will serve as a space to access correspondences that have been shared throughout the school year  regarding COVID-19. While we hope that Remote Learning is not something that we experience this school year, we are prepared to move into remote learning if needed. Our goal as a district is to make any transition to remote learning as seamless for our students, staff, and families as possible. We have worked together to outline information so it is easy to figure out what is expected for a schedule, what is used for resources, and any other pertinent information. 

Click here to access a PK-12 schedule if our district moves to a fully remote schedule. 

Please know that I am available via email at, as well as videoconference and phone call as needed. You are also welcome to reach out to child's teacher directly with any questions regarding their remote learning plan. 

Thanks for your continued support. 


Ms. Noelle J. Short



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