SchoolTool Parent Portal

To increase our communications with you, we are implementing the new Parent Portal through our school operating system, SchoolTool. The SchoolTool Parent Portal will allow you to view student grades, schedules, attendance, progress, demographic information, and allow you to check for accuracy of information like addresses and phone numbers, in a friendly and easy to use format. We hope that the access to this information will increase communication between school and home.

Please be aware that all parents must register if they wish to receive an account and be connected to his/her child(ren). You may only use an email address once per SchoolTool account. If your email is provided by YAHOO! or AOL please consider using another provider. YAHOO! and AOL do not allow emails to be sent or received through SchoolTool.

Once your account has been created, The Portal will be accessible through the SchoolTool website and via the mobile app which can be downloaded from the Apple and Google Play app stores just by searching SchoolTool.  You will need to use the following URL when prompted:

If you would like to be granted access to SchoolTool's Parent Portal, please complete the Parent Portal Access Request Form and return to school. Thank you in advance for completing the form and for your continued interest and communication regarding the success of your child(ren)'s academic progress.

Important: Once the information provided on the request form is verified and processed, you will receive notification via email that your account has been created and instructions on how to get an initial password. When you receive your password, you will need to access SchoolTool and change your password. Your username is your email address and your password should be alphanumeric, containing at least eight characters, two of which must be numeric, i.e. “password05”.

If you have any questions, please contact Lynn Zaidan at or at (518) 624-2221.